Transmission Repair in San Jose

When it comes to transmission repair services in San Jose, you need skilled mechanics who can give you honest advice, reliable service and top quality labor and parts. At MKO Auto Service Inc, we have the diagnostic equipment, experience and enthusiasm you need to get your car problems fixed within the shortest amount of time.

Transmission problems are often a mystery to many car owners – especially automatic transmissions, which are highly complex and can lead to costly repairs if symptoms aren’t picked up and acted on immediately.

Automatic Transmission Problems

Automatic transmission systems are generally inaccessible, especially on front wheel drive vehicles, and are difficult to diagnose without a lot of experience. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should bring your vehicle in for a transmission inspection and service:

  • Erratic shifting / car shifts gear at random
  • Your car won’t shift gears smoothly
  • Noise, such as rumbling, coming from the transmission box
  • Check Engine or Check Transmission light on the dashboard
Transmissions are generally closed systems, however there are some serviceable parts that must work correctly for the transmission to run smoothly:
  • Low Fluid: The right amount of clean transmission fluid is essential for smooth operation. There is usually a measuring dipstick in the engine compartment so that you can check the transmission fluid levels. If the fluid is low, check for leaks on the ground – transmission fluid is usually red, which helps identify it.
  • Dirty Fluid: Transmission fluid must be clean. If it looks dirty, something is very wrong and you should bring your vehicle to MKO Auto Service for a transmission service. This might be a problem with the filter, or even worse, debris caused by failing bearings or gears.
  • Filter: The filter catches any dirt, clots or gunk in the transmission fluid. It must be clear and in good condition to allow good circulation of the transmission fluid. If the filter becomes clogged, then the fluid cannot circulate well and your transmission may overheat, or wear due to lack of lubrication.
  • Gears: Even automatic cars have gears – even if you’re not manually shifting them. If you hear unusual rumbling or whining noises, it is possible that your gears or bearings need servicing. Bring your vehicle to MKO Auto Service and we will diagnose the problem before it causes expensive damage.
  • Speed Sensors: Built into modern automatic transmission systems are vehicle speed sensors. These detect the speed of the engine and driveshaft and help the engine management system decide what gear to be in and when to change. If these sensors fail, the result can be erratic shifting, of failure to shift out of the lowest gear, often accompanied with a check engine light. Make an appointment with us for a transmission service if this happens, and we will diagnose the problem with our computerized test equipment.

Manual Transmission Problems

Manual transmission vehicles may appear slightly simpler, however the clutch system sometimes needs adjustment or replacement. Bring your vehicle to us for a checkup if you experience any of these problems:

  • Clutch slipping:  Excessive RPMs when changing gear.
  • “Free Play” Adjustment: There should be about 1/2 inch of slack when you first put your foot on the pedal – this means that the clutch is fully engaged during normal  operation. If the clutch is badly adjusted and this slack is not there, your clutch will wear prematurely.
  • Rumbling Noise: Clutches and gearboxes use a lot of bearings and actuators, which can be prone to wear. It is important to get any unusual noises checked out early on. A noisy bearing can be replaced before it causes damage – however if left too long it can break up and cause significant damage to other moving parts, leading to a costly transmission repair bill.

Prevent problems by servicing your transmission

Many people procrastinate when it comes to transmission repair or service. While you might be able to drive around with a small noise or erratic shifting for a few days, you could unknowingly be damaging your transmission. The worst case scenario with a faulty transmission box is that your car could breakdown on the side of the road, which is why it is best to get any problem checked out as soon as possible.

Transmission Repair at MKO Auto Service in San Jose

If you suspect there might be something wrong with your transmission, schedule an appointment at MKO Auto Service Inc. Our team of experienced mechanics is here to inspect your vehicle and give you the affordable repairs you need to keep you safe on the road.

Enjoy professional and affordable services that will help you reach your destination safely, every time. Contact us for transmission repair services in San Jose today.