Brake Repair in San Jose 

Make sure you are safe when travelling by investing in regular auto maintenance. MKO Auto Service Inc offers brake repair services in San Jose. Whether your brakes are making a funny noise, your pedals are mushy or you feel your car isn’t stopping properly – it’s time to get it checked out. MKO Auto Service Inc is a one-stop auto repair shop and our team of mechanics is here to take care of everything from brake maintenance and diagnosis to repairs and replacements.

Symptoms of faulty brakes

Your brakes should be inspected by a certified mechanic at least twice per year or as soon as possible after you notice any of the following brake symptoms:

Your braking distance is longer

This should be your first sign that something is wrong – if your car takes longer to stop than usual, especially if you have to push harder on the brake pedal, it means your braking system is losing efficiency and will continue to deteriorate. This is not going to get better on it’s own and eventually your brakes will not be there when you need them. For the safety of you, your family and other road users, bring your vehicle to MKO Auto Service in San Jose if you experience any reduction in your braking performance.

The brakes judder when they are applied

Quite often this is caused by warping or uneven wear of the brake rotor. This can usually be solved by resurfacing the brake rotor. MKO Auto Service will inspect the entire brake system to keep it working safely and trouble free.

The brake pedal feels spongy or soft

Soft, spongy brakes can be a sign that your hydraulic system has problems. You should bring your vehicle to us immediately for a brake repair and service if your brake pedal feels soft, or the pedal travels further or sinks to the floor when applied. A failing hydraulic system is dangerous and needs immediate attention.

Brakes grind and squeal

Often this means your brake pads or brake shoes are worn and need to be replaced. You should get these taken care of as soon as you hear unusual brake noise, otherwise you may cause damage to other parts of your system such as your rotors or drums, leading to a more costly repair. Our brake repair technicians will quickly change your brake pad, or shoes, and also inspect your rotors, drums and the rest of your braking system for correct and safe operation.

The warning light on the dashboard

This is your vehicle’s way of telling you something is wrong! Many times this is the Antilock Braking (ABS) warning light. Modern brake systems are equipped with sensors that detect problems with the ABS that need to be fixed. Your car knows best here, listen to it and bring it to MKO Auto Service for an inspection and brake service.

Brake Repair and Service at MKO in San Jose

At MKO Auto Service Inc, we perform all types of brake repair services at affordable prices, including hydraulic and cylinder replacements, pad/rotor and shoe/drum replacements, rotor resurfacing as well as general inspections and fluid top-offs.

Driving on the road with faulty brakes can be very dangerous – not only for you, but for the passengers in your car and other road users. Luckily, brake problems are easy to pick up with a diagnostic test at MKO Auto Service Inc. Our brake system evaluation includes an inspection of all four wheels, the hydraulics, the fluid as well as the hardware. We perform a complete evaluation so that we can accurately determine what the problem is and what kind of brake repairs you need to get you back on the road safely.

Our mechanics are all qualified, experienced and friendly. If you’re looking for an efficient, transparent and helpful service, give us a call. We believe in going the extra mile to provide our customers with the best quality products and services that will keep them and their family safe on the road. You will have peace of mind when you trust our experienced professionals with your brake repairs.

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